The intermediate range of hotels in Kerala offer accommodation to all classes of tourists


The world around us is a great place to travel. Every Human is a traveller. Only difference is how often every one of travel. For some of us traveling is a chance to explore new pastures. Both in terms of the location and the culture. Good choice. Isn't it ? You could make the best of your holidays and also learn or acquire information about things around the world, which till now for you existed in pictures and travel sites on the internet.

Every thing is as per plan. Here you are. Just arrived. Next Step. A place to stay. The Inner self of every traveller longs for something like his favorite spot back home, even if he/she portray a different face out side. A Home Away from Home. Now, if thats what you looking for we have the perfect place.

A Home Stay - Your Home in a different Country (literally)

Here in Kerala, Home Stays had gained immense popularity. Home Stays act as a place of cultural exchange between the Host and the Guest. Both gain great insight about the others' life and culture. Home Stays in Kerala are all accredited and certified to the Dept. of Tourism - State of Kerala. Home Stays can be of different categories. Travelers are advised to select the apt Home Stay as per their requirement from the vast selection.

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    The environment at Wayanad Coffee County, Way...

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Wayanad District is a district in the north-east of Kerala state, India with headquarters at the town of Kalpetta. The district was forme... Learn more


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